Pokémon Go surpassed 500 Million Downloads

Niantic have announced that their game Pokémon Go has recently surpassed 500 million downloads. This news has come following the reveal that Pokémon Go will soon be available to Apple Watch owners.

We have been informed that Pokémon Go players have walked over 4.5 billion kilometres since the game went live in early July 2016.

Niantic have stated: “What these numbers really show are the power of an emerging genre of new games we call “real world games” and the appeal, of course, of the beloved Pokémon universe.”

“Most inspiring for us as we rolled out the game internationally has been the response from people of all ages and lifestyles describing how Pokémon Go has been a force for good in their lives. Thanks for sharing those stories, keep them coming.”

Whilst Niantic are thankful for the positive feedback from players, it appears that many responses have gone unnoticed over social media where people have been urging the developers to make certain changes to their game. Hopefully Niantic take the criticism from their players on-board, as they have also announced that they will be producing a similar game to their newly released Pokémon Go.

Niantic have also confirmed that they are “working hard” on bringing their game to other countries that had yet to receive access to the application, despite Pokémon Go being available in around 100 countries, countries missing out on the experience are mostly Asian and African.

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