D-Pad Studio’s Owlboy Preview

D-Pad Studio’s Owlboy is a 2D platform-adventure game due to be released on the 01st November 2016 for PC. You can watch the trailer to this upcoming indie game here, and read our preview below.

Owlboy follows the story of Otus, a hybrid of bird and boy, on his quest to protect his home village from sky pirates. However, whilst in most games you get to punch and shoot your way through hordes of enemies, Owlboy makes you use your environment and your flying-capabilities to outsmart the pirates.

The game was developed by D-Pad Studio and has become famous over the past 8 years of development for its highly detailed pixel artwork. D-Pad Studio have delayed their game’s release on numerous occasions, but we are finally looking towards getting the finished product as the game looks to be released on the 01st November 2016.

Overall, Owlboy has caught our attention with it’s brilliant visuals and 2D scenes, which we expect will bring a breath of fresh air to the gaming scene this year.

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