Nexon’s Titanfall: Frontline coming to IOS and Android this fall

It has been expected that the Titanfall universe would finally reach mobile gaming, and it has with Nexon’s announcement of Titanfall: Frontline. A multiplayer card game, Titanfall: Frontline is a free strategy game due for release on IOS and Android platforms this fall.

Nexon revealed in a press release that their new game would feature deck-building with ‘hundreds of pilots, titans, and special ability cards’. The publishers explained that players will be able to customise and upgrade their decks to fit their particular play style, whether it’s a quick, damage-dealing method with fast pilots and titans or a strong, defensive technique with the appropriate units, installations, and support personnel.

The developer, Particle City, explained that they had ‘worked hand-in-hand’ with Respawn Entertainment, the developers of Titanfall 2, to connect card battle strategy and collectability with the gameplay elements involved in the upcoming game to be published by EA.


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