Guerrilla Games’ Horizon: Zero Dawn’s main protagonist Aloy

Guerrilla Games have not revealed much about Horizon: Zero Dawn’s main character, Aloy, besides depicting her in their release cinematics and release trailers donning a bow that quickly makes mince-meat of the larger-than-life machines. However, through the few facts and imagery provided by the developers we have managed to gather up some details for those of you that can’t wait to play as Aloy yourselves, and be the fantastically determined, curious and independent female character many have grown to love even before the game’s launch next year on the 28th February 2016.

Many gamers have fallen for the fiery female, but there are additionally reasons to why so many have sympathised with her. From her hunting tribe to her childhood hardships, her whole life has prepared her for the adventure that awaits, and we can’t help but see some elements of ourselves inside her mysterious personality, and we want to find out where she is taken in the story that is Horizon: Zero Dawn.

To understand Aloy and why she is adamant about battling mechanical beasts that walk the world and nonplussed to leave her home, you must understand her childhood. Born into the Nora tribe, Aloy was shunned and oppressed by the other members, and without a mother or father she found it difficult. She was raised by another outcast member called Rost, a man acting as her foster parent and guardian. They lived in the wild together, not allowed near the tribe, as talking to outcasts was forbidden, and the people did not want to risk retribution.

As the story of Horizon: Zero Dawn begins, Aloy is coming of age, and whilst she becomes a mature woman the unanswered questions of past life haunts her, particularly the identity of her parents and what had caused her outcast from the tribe. When a chance to finally get her answers, a rite of passage named ‘The Proving’ comes about, Aloy takes on the task in an attempt to erase her outcast status and to be rewarded by the Nora tribe’s matriarchs. We can understand that this event means almost everything to her, and we can expect Aloy to take it on bows-blazing.

As for her feelings on her own tribe, they’re very complicated. Aloy isn’t even sure if it’s the right place for her, but it’s all she’s ever known. Still, that doesn’t mean she’s quick to go along with or agree with everything the tribe requests. She’s more pragmatic because of her upbringing; after all, she’s witnessed first-hand the unfairness of the tribe’s rules.

Aloy also has a love for technology that doesn’t exactly go over well with her tribe, who has strong taboos against technology. However, this hasn’t put Aloy off from studying and learning more about how to use ancient artefacts, and this curiosity is what sparks her to go on her journey to step outside of her tribe’s doors and figure out the world’s deeper mysteries.

Aloy has a pretty good sense of herself, but she’s also missing a big piece of family history. On her journey, she will be searching for where she belongs, even if she doesn’t exactly need anyone else to get by. After all, with only Rost at her side, she has had to fend mostly for herself. Rost cares about Aloy and has taught her all he knows about being a skilled hunter, but he also knows Aloy has always had this independence that cannot be contained. However, Aloy also has a softer side to her. Because of her past, she has grown to have compassion, which is often why she is the first to help those in need.

What is your thoughts on Aloy?

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