Cosmic Blade Master Yi Skin Now Available

Riot Games have now released the Cosmic Blade Master Yi skin. Continue reading for a look at Yi’s new cosmetic Cosmic themed skin and icons!

The focused mind can pierce through stone.

The Blade of the Cosmos

Gliding effortlessly from star to star, the Cosmic Blade flashes through the night sky with celestial grace, his blade arcing with crystalline precision through the fabric of the universe itself.


Cosmic Blade Master Yi joins Cosmic Reaver Kassadin, Cosmic Dawn Rakan, and Cosmic Dusk Xayah, shining in the League store for 1350 RP each.


Skin Preview

New Summoner Icons

Riot Games have released three new summoner icons, including the Cosmic Blade Master Yi, the Cosmic Blade and Cosmic Reaver icons for 250 RP each, and the Cosmic Genesis icon available for 250 RP or 1500 IP until the 01st May 2017.


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