League of Legends – Stay Positive Tips

When it comes to League of Legends’ competitive ranked queue you may find it difficult to remain calm and positive, especially when you’re paired with other players in a stressful environment where few mistakes could lead to a loss. Below are some of our best tips to stay positive and continue the climb!


Positive Chat & Agreeing / Ignoring Flame

In most games, you will most likely witness verbal abuse, and this can most certainly lead to a loss. From experience, once players are tilted or harassing others in chat, it can have a hugely negative impact on your game and the mindset of players on your team. To counter this behavior, the following ideas can help turn the tide:

  • Agree with criticisms
  • Support the victims
  • Encourage teamwork
  • Mute negative players (ignore them and focus on your game)
  • Use Pings to communicate
  • Refrain from flaming, arguing and retaliating



Queuing up in Flex and Duo with your friends can make for a more enjoyable experience, where you can look to have fun whilst upping your chances with a mix of synergy and communication.


Losing, Reviewing and Improving

Unfortunately, you will lose games occasionally, but this is the perfect opportunity to analysis and review your bad plays and criticise yourself, and even receive comments from others. This will help you iron-out those misplays and allow you to improve. Do not blame your teammates or focus on their gameplay, but allow them to determine their macro and micro, unless they ask for construction feedback. Any game is a chance for you to improve your skills. Just because a game is lost does not mean it’s also a lost chance to improve your clutch plays, objective control, laning phase, rotations or even teamwork and coordination!


Other Game Modes

Playing different game modes or just other games in general can help to cool down and relax. For example, playing a few games of ARAM can be entertaining and not so serious.


Break Time

Taking a break between games can help you clear your mind of any previous negativity or stress experienced during the last game. On the other hand, this can clear any emotions or overconfidence if you carried that game.


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