4A Games release teaser images for a new title

The developer for the Metro series, 4A Games have released teaser images concerning their next game over Facebook and Twitter. It has been speculated that this new title would be a science fiction, as the two cropped images feature a holographic overlay a hand holding a gun. You can see both images in the gallery below.

Kojima Productions confirmed Death Stranding will be released before 2019

Kojima Productions have progressively been announcing small details about their first title, Death Stranding, during this week at the TGS (Tokyo Game Show). We have learnt that the upcoming title will be an open world action game, and now we have been informed via social media that the game may follow a heroine.

CD Projekt Red announce the release of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s Geralt of Rivia statue

CD Projekt Red have revealed a Geralt statue from Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that they have produced whilst working with Prime 1 Studio. The meticulously crafted, 26 inch statue represents the witcher defeating a ferocious beast standing in his way. It has been announced that only 1000 copies will be sold, and additional exclusive editions that are limited to only 500 copies that will feature a switchable head.

Konami’s Metal Gear: Survive gameplay released

Komani’s new instalment in the Metal Gear series, Metal Gear: Survive, is an upcoming co-operative survival action game to be launched sometime during 2017 for the PS4, PC and Xbox One. During this years’ TGS Konami have provided us with an insight into what the game will bring to the table with a gameplay demo, and it appears that many features from Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain have been recycled. Watch the official gameplay here, and see for yourself.

Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey gameplay footage released

Crytek have released footage of their new title, Robinson: The Journey, which follows the story of a boy named Robin who is left stranded on the planet Tyson III. Robin must rely on his wits and HIGS, an AI companion from his ship, to survive in a world of dinosaurs.

ROCKFISH Games’ Everspace early access launch trailer

ROCKFISH Games have recently released the early access launch trailer for their upcoming title, Everspace, which was released for Beta on the 15th September 2016. The game is available on PC and can be downloaded from Steam and GOG. Watch the launch trailer here.

Guerrilla Games’ Horizon: Zero Dawn’s main protagonist Aloy

Guerrilla Games have not revealed much about Horizon: Zero Dawn’s main character, Aloy, besides depicting her in their release cinematics and release trailers donning a bow that quickly makes mince-meat of the larger-than-life machines. However, through the few facts and imagery provided by the developers we have managed to gather up some details for those of you that can’t wait to play as Aloy yourselves, and be the fantastically determined, curious and independent female character many have grown to love even before the game’s launch next year on the 28th February 2016.